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family mediation Banbury

Family Mediation Banbury

split or divorce involves more than just the dissolution of relationship. 
When assets, liabilities, and responsibilities are enumerated and assigned to different parties, it is separation in much broader sense. 
And it rarely revolves just around the central pair of characters.
Separating voluntarily is one thing. 
Another is figuring out how to separate the threads of your relationship. 
Regardless of how you feel about your upcoming ex, you both must be fair and consider the other’s rights and long-term interests. 
And if you have kids, their needs should come first.

WHY family MEDIATION Banbury?

Understanding the practical and legal ramifications of separation can be challenging, especially when emotions are high, as they are in the majority of situations. 
Speak with our family law specialists. 
They will go over your options and explain why mediation may be the direct path to the conclusion you require.
Benefits Of family Mediation Banbury

Unlike court processes that take a long time before making a decision, mediation can take a short time, especially if the couples are cooperating.

The process is also driven by the participants, meaning they can plan the session to fit into their busy work schedules without disruptions.

The situation in the court process in Banbury is different as they have to follow the rules.

Conflicts are always stressful, especially if a third party will make the decision.

The mediation process in Banbury is done through the partner’s efforts, and the agreements are reached through an unbiased discussion.

The process is conducted at a confidential, quiet, relaxing location.

Unlike the court sessions that are full of a public audience, mediation sessions happen in a private location where only the partners and the mediator are allowed.

The mediator in Banbury is also not allowed to disclose matters discussed to third parties.

The divorce process is cheap because the parties can avoid the legal bills that people who choose the legal system pay.

Court or the cost of divorce can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Family mediation starts from just £99.00 and rarely costs over a £1000 total for both parties.

See if you qualify for legal aid here.

The agreements made in a mediation process are easier for the parties to follow because no one is forced.

The solutions come from the couple’s arrangements, and hence they will be ready to fulfill their commitment.

Going legal or Litigation, on the other hand, may not come up with a judgement that favours both parties.

The greatest benefit of using mediation process as opposed to court process is that the process does not end with a loser and a winner.

The couples try to find solutions that work for both of them and the children involved in the divorce.

Some of the significant issues that need agreements include child custody, property, finances, pensions and the family house.

You Get To make decisions Family Mediation Banbury

Instead of allowing the courts to determine the terms of your divorce, consider mediation. You and your spouse cannot be coerced into it or forced to see it through because it is an entirely voluntary process. It all comes down to settling conflicts with the assistance of a third person who motivates the parties to resolve the numerous problems at hand. You and your partner will meet with these skilled, unbiased mediators who will help you pinpoint your differences and discuss future family-related arrangements.

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In Conclusion

Common outcomes include agreement on the children's living arrangements and visitation schedules between each parent. Additionally, you'll be able to sort through your assets and finances to choose who should get what. Our mediation specialist has participated in and attended mediations with moms, fathers, stepparents, grandparents, and those without children. She also has experience with a wide range of family problems. We have assisted in negotiating reasonable and fair separation arrangements, and we have been there to reassure clients when they need it.