Family mediation is a common practice in the UK, where it is encouraged as a viable alternative to family court and litigation and adversarial procedures.

Parents and extended families usually attempt to resolve their problems and matters concerning the children by means of family mediation service.

In family mediation, parents and extended families negotiate together for the resolution of disputes and problems regarding the children and financial matters.

This kind of dispute resolution service differs from family Solicitors services. We focus on solutions and little damage to relationships within families.

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Extended Families - Do you miss your grand children?

In a family mediation service, the parents and the extended families meet together for the purpose of resolving a dispute regarding the children and money or financial issues.

This is done in a non-judgmental manner, so that both sides can share their views and feelings about the matter.

WHY family MEDIATION service?

Family Mediation service can help couples to discuss the future without the need for the expensive legal fees or the  litigation process.

Mediation is much easier if the two parties are willing to participate, plus it is an impartial process.

We have experienced accredited family mediators who can provide professional family mediation services and help you reach an agreement within a shorter time.


In this family mediation service, it is possible to get legal advice from an attorney if necessary as mediators dont advise.

The parties are required to have prior knowledge of all the legal aspects relating to the case.

Family mediation services must be performed by a qualified accredited mediator, who is also acquainted with the requirements for a law suit in the family.

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In such cases, one must opt for a mediator who has adequate education and expertise regarding the social aspects of the case.

Mediation is preferred by most parties when there is a complex issue involving the children.

It is used in the best interests of the child and is intended to facilitate the raising of the child and settling all matters and disputes regarding the child.

who conducts sessions?

In family mediation service, mediation is usually conducted in the presence of a mediator, who is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the parties.

In this case, a mediator is not needed, but the extended families also express their views on the matter to the mediator.

In the family mediation service, a decision is reached as per the wishes of the parties.

In most cases, the mediator takes the final decision. In this way, the mediation service has the advantage of the time-tested idea of creating a lasting resolution to the problems.

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extended families
Extended Families

In most cases, the families that opt for the family mediation service feel relieved and happy that the problem has been solved in a mutually beneficial manner.

However, in certain situations, such mediation service may not necessarily produce a positive outcome.

For example, when the dispute involves child custody or visitation rights, a family mediation service may fail to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the parties.

Services Offered

On the other hand, some children might be neglected by their parents and there may be conflicts over financial matters, so that the service may prove effective in managing matters related to extended families.


So if mediation fails what's next?

The best thing is to get some legal advice from a family Solicitor. Families often go through stressful times in their lives, and this is usually the reason for the breakdown of the family.

Family mediation services can be beneficial to children during this period. These services are beneficial not only to families but also to the children involved.

If you are looking for a mediation service for your children, you can visit a website that will provide you information about various options available in the market.

It is not recommended that you use only one service to provide mediation for your family.

A combination of services is better than one alone.