The Importance of Children’s Opinions in the Mediation Bournemouth Process


During the 17th through the 21st of January, the annual Family Mediation Week is bringing attention to Mediation Bournemouth and the many positive effects it can have on families.

The Family Mediation Council is the organisation that is in charge of putting on the five-day programme, which consists of presentations on all facets of family mediation, with a special focus on the importance of child-inclusive Mediation this year.

A kid’s life might undergo significant upheaval as a result of a divorce or separation; but, when the child is included in the process of mediating the dispute, they are given the opportunity to shape this upheaval in a manner that is tailored to their specific needs.

In honour of Family Mediation Week 2022, we are going to examine why it is so crucial to include children in the mediation process, what exactly that entails, and how you can get started with the procedure.

Why Is Mediation Bournemouth That Includes Children So Important?

In many cases of divorce and legal separation, children are involved. Nearly 95,000 children of divorced couples were under the age of 16 in 2013, the most recent year for which statistics are available from the ONS. This number does not include the more than 40,000 children of divorced couples who were 16 or older.

A divorced couple has, on average, 0.36 children aged 16 or older (about one kid for every three divorced couples), and 0.83 children under the age of 16. (about four children per five couples).

Just in 2013, a total of 136,068 youngsters were affected by this. That equates to 136,068 young lives that are going to be significantly disrupted, as well as 136,068 young voices that need to be heard.

The effects of separation on children are discussed in this article.

When parents divorce or separate, it can have a variety of negative effects on their children. When a father is not identified on a child’s birth certificate, there is a possibility that he will not automatically have any parental rights over the child.

It is possible for academic performance to suffer as a result of the stress and upheaval; mental and emotional health might deteriorate; and even physical health can be harmed owing to missed mealtimes, stress-related loss of appetite, and an increase in the consumption of fast food.

Setting up two distinct residences almost invariably involves splitting the family’s income, which may subject the children to a lower quality of life regardless of the amount of time they spend at each location.

What exactly is involved in Child-Friendly Mediation Bournemouth?

In every instance of family Mediation Bournemouth, the role of the mediator is to serve as an impartial voice that enables the parties involved to talk freely without the fear or concern of upsetting one another.

The same may be said for when there are children involved. Your kid will be brought into the conversation when it is deemed appropriate, and the mediator will also have a private conversation with them to get a better grasp on how the child is feeling, what their fears are, and what their hopes are for the future.

It can seem unusual to leave your child to chat by a third party, but a licenced child-inclusive mediator has been educated to establish a setting that is secure and supported so that the child’s voice can be heard. They will limit themselves to asking pertinent questions, and in the great majority of instances, the knowledge that is gleaned from these exchanges is vital to the process of moving forward.

We will make sure that your child feels at rest and is not upset, and we will work with them to identify any problems that have been buried and devise a strategy for how to go forward.

Finding a Happy Medium Between Mediating and Parenting

We are aware that parents with small children may find it difficult to attend mediation sessions. As a result of this, we are able to provide help in order to ensure that the Mediation process is balanced with your parenting duties.

If a specific Mediation Bournemouth session is not appropriate for the kid, we are able to find other activities for them to participate in. We also provide remote mediation through the use of a telephone or webcam, and we are able to organise sessions to take place at a time when your kid will not require your immediate attention.

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