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Has everything else failed? Talking directly with each other is not an option? Solicitors have not worked? Don’t panic this is common for couples to turn to crunch point mediation at this stage. Were here to help
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Crunch Point mediation - Have you tried everything you can?

When considering crunch point mediation, many of us start to look for a right solution to one problem or another. However, many people neglect a crucial, yet crucial step – the first step.

Yes, you can start your crunch point mediation by selecting a mediator but what about the first step?

How much is family mediation service?

Well the costs are considerably less than going court or for family Solicitors.

Why will it work when everything else has failed?

Well that’s the interesting part. By having both decision makers present we can cut through the rhetoric and get down to the issues the crux of the issue very quickly and directly.

WHY family MEDIATION service?

Family mediation can be considered the goto service for divorcing or separating couples in the UK. Yet, when it comes to having an intimate discussion with your EX PARTNER, you are probably just asking for a crisis.

In such a scenario, you might find yourself wishing you had already hired a family mediation service to help solve the problem.

You will not feel the “pressure” from your ex partner if your family mediation service knows that you have made up your mind about having an intervention.

The mediator will then  get the job done, without making you feel rushed when it comes to decision making.

This enables you both to maintain the decision mking power at all times.

Why Crunch Point Mediation?
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Benefits For You:
  • Direct communication has failed or is not possible
  • Solicitors have tried to work together to find a solution but that failed.
  • Court seems the only option at this stage

But someone has suggested crunch point mediation.

Well its challenging to get involved in mediation but solves lots of situations and is the preferred option that courts recommend.

Stop Family Stress NOW

The mediator will go through all the issues and run through some options to consider.

We have lots of experience in disputes so sometimes having a third party can be useful for this purpose.

Also, a divorce is rarely easy on your partner. Every person’s experiences with their partner is unique. Each person has their own personality and approach, which is fine.

Mediators are impartial and the process is confidential

We don’t judge, we don’t inform, we don’t advise – we work with couples to find solutions that are practical and long term sustainable.

There are a lot of reasons why you might need mediation. For example, a significant amount of money has been spent on your family and you want to bring it back to normal. The divorce process can cause financial stress, so mediation will also help ease that stress.

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