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We make the mediation process very convenient for customers offering evening and weekend mediation.

Family mediation is a wonderful way to help keep the peace in a troubled separation or divorce. If you or someone you know is having difficulty managing the problems in their lives, seek out mediation services to resolve the problem with a spouse or parents.

When choosing a family mediation service, be sure to check out the firm and find out if they are accredited by  to offer this service.

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Evening & Weekends

When you choose a mediation service, do not let their appearance or mannerisms lead you to believe that they are over the top or rude.

Don’t be scared into believing that you will end up on the receiving end of a rude and uncalled for verbal assault.

This will not happen and is not necessary as long as you are clear in your decision.

WHY family MEDIATION service?

The mediation service saves time and money the client will save by having a professional in their corner.

However, most services will offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss your situation, what mediation service would be best for you, and what goals you hope to achieve.

evening and weekends
Evening & Weekends

As a courtesy, many mediation services will also have a support team of persons available to help you through the mediation process.

This team may be both a professional and trained mediator.

They may be professional counsellors or mental health experts or a combination of both.

Services Offered

Once you have decided upon a mediation service, schedule a free initial consultation.

It is important to schedule this meeting so that you can get to know them well and to get a feel for how they treat their clients.

Many times marriage experts recognize the problems in a couple’s relationship and will have a way to help them get through the difficult times.

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Benefits Of family Mediation service

This is what they are paid to do and their fees are based on their effectiveness at addressing the issue and working out a solution.

The MIAM consultation gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have regarding the company you have chosen.

A professional mediation service can handle the rest of the information gathering for you and they will help you meet with a consultant that can be of assistance.