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Child Custody Mediation: Exactly How to Prepare For Success & 10 Tips- Family Mediation Service 2

Child Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation may be the most difficult aspect of a separation or divorce. Family Mediation Service offers mediation as a less stressful alternative to couples. A neutral third party will assist you and your co-parent in creating an equitable parenting plan and custody arrangement. Before your first mediation session, you should review the custody mediation checklist items listed below.

Steps to child custody mediation

Focus on your child first. The goal of child custody mediation is to put your child’s best interests first. Create a list of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting. Consider the influence this change will have on your children’s daily routines.

Gather the Required Documentation. Bring any supporting documentation regarding your separation, divorce, parenting arrangement, and kid to your scheduled meeting. Prior to custody mediation, the mediator evaluates materials that help paint a clear picture when considering custody and parenting time.

Organize Your Calendar. Prepare to discuss your and your child’s respective timetables. Record your academic schedule, holidays, and extracurricular activities in writing. The more knowledge you have, the better!

Ask Questions. During this time, it is normal for you and your loved ones to have concerns and questions. Ensure that your issues are documented so that your mediator can address them. Consider posing the following three questions to your mediator:

  • How will the distribution of Christmas, school breaks, and school holidays be determined?
  • What if we need to modify our parenting plan?
  • How will we divide the cost of our child’s upbringing?

Custody Child custody mediation is a critical component of separation and divorce proceedings. Child custody mediation will prioritise your child and facilitate a good co-parenting relationship.

Will I see my former spouse?

Before arranging a joint session if both parties agree, mediators often meet with each party separately to determine their distinct goals. “shuttle mediation” may be an alternative for you if you prefer not to be in the same room. You and the mediator remain in separate rooms, while the mediator moves between you to smooth uncomfortable conversations. After one or two shuttle sessions, you may feel more comfortable with the idea of sitting face-to-face with your former partner; if this is the case, you may ask the mediator to make the required arrangements, if your former partner agrees.

What should I expect from my first session

At the initial mediation information and assessment meeting, your mediator will describe how mediation works and what to expect (MIAM). In addition, the mediator will evaluate the mediation’s fitness for your case and conduct a screening for domestic violence. This lesson will be attended solo for around 45 minutes.

The mediator will be a seasoned expert who maintains impartiality and independence throughout the entire process. They will not make decisions for you, but instead facilitate conversation to assess whether an acceptable settlement can be reached. During the initial meeting, you can inquire about the surgery and voice any concerns.

What if I don’t like my mediator?

If you do not feel comfortable with the mediator, you have the option of requesting a replacement. It is essential that you feel comfortable throughout sessions, and it is customary for the same mediator to accompany you during each session.

Awareness of your circumstances

Prior to engaging in mediation, you must understand your legal rights regarding financial provision and child custody arrangements.

Your attorney will have provided you with advance notice. This means you may confidently attend the mediation session, knowing your rights and what to anticipate. In addition, we will identify any potential concerns that need to be addressed and suggest questions to ask.

Please contact Family Mediation Service immediately for additional information about how we may assist you.

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