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Mediation Plymouth Prior to going to trial, we utilise a variety of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques in an effort to address family law matters including differences. When family issues can be settled peacefully rather than in court, the parties often save money and experience less mental stress. Although it is not always possible to resolve every issue before a trial, many problems may be efficiently addressed beforehand, removing them from the agenda. Nonetheless, this does not imply that every dispute can be settled prior to trial.

Mediation Plymouth
Using ADR to Resolve Family Conflicts - Mediation Plymouth 2

In the state of Plymouth, the following four forms of motions may be utilised to obtain ADR:

  • A motion to participate in Mediation Plymouth.
  • A motion for an alternative dispute resolution settlement conference
  • A motion to convene a parents’ conference
  • A request to reconsider the custody agreement.


The Mediation Plymouth phase of the ADR procedure is strictly confidential. The counsel representing both parties are excused from the Mediation Plymouth, and nothing spoken during the session is disclosed with anybody, even the presiding judge. Any agreement reached will be memorialised in writing by the mediator, who will then forward it to the judge to be signed as an order.

Program of Plymouth

Here is how to take advantage of the family court’s free Mediation Plymouth programme, which is open to both parties. Regarding child custody and visitation issues, a motion for mediation has been filed requesting that the court order a meeting with a neutral third-party mediator. This alternative dispute resolution strategy aims to achieve a compromise on some or all of the contested child custody issues.

When at all possible, the mediator assists the parents in making arrangements that are advantageous for them both and their children – a win-win situation for everyone concerned. Since it takes around two months for the family court’s conciliation services to schedule a Mediation Plymouth, it is in everyone’s best interest to file the motion as soon as possible so that the appointment may be made and any unnecessary delays can be avoided.

Privately Conducted Mediation

It is possible for the parties to hire a private mediator, which often saves time in comparison to the two-month wait for a court hearing. In addition, the private mediator assists the parties in reaching agreements, particularly on issues that may initially seem insurmountable obstacles to compromise.

Throughout a private Mediation Plymouth session, any issue can be brought up for consideration, from the division of marital property to who would care for the child during the day. This distinguishes private mediation from the court-administered mediation scheme, which focuses solely on parental issues. It is customary for private mediators to bill by the hour; the usual fee for this professional service is sometimes €250 or more per hour.


When parties are unable to reach an agreement on financial issues, they may resort to private Mediation Plymouth in an effort to resolve their disagreements. A party may also consider presenting a settlement conference motion for alternative dispute resolution.

As a quick aside, when child custody issues remain unresolved in a case, we frequently recommend private Mediation Plymouth. However, it is possible to combine the custody concerns raised at the ADR settlement conference with the monetary issues raised.

Not Binding.

A commissioner or judge pro tempore may be appointed for the purpose of supervising the settlement conference. Given each party’s individual perspective on the issues at hand, he or she assesses the likelihood that each party will ultimately triumph. (The judge now presiding over the case will not be present during the settlement conference.)

The commissioner’s or judge pro tem’s opinion is not legally binding, but it is a highly convincing proposal. It goes without saying that this candid advice can act as a “wake-up call” on the relative legal merits of each party’s stance on the issues.

Conquering the Challenges

There is a risk that the ADR settlement conference will be the last opportunity for the parties to attempt to achieve a settlement before to trial. The gathering is quite beneficial for locating answers to several challenges. It gives everyone with a unique perspective on the legal issues involved in the case by allowing them to perceive them through the eyes of the commissioner or judge pro tem, who has expert understanding of the issues.

Throughout the course of our work, we have watched this strategy yield substantial progress in the parties’ ongoing negotiations.

Numerous family law disputes have been effectively addressed by utilising alternative dispute resolution (ADR). After reaching an agreement, the parties must enter into a legally enforceable contract.

After then, the only required papers are the consent decree and any further pleadings. There are fees connected with these alternative dispute resolution conferences due to the fact that the attorneys are needed to produce settlement memorandums and also participate in the conference. In contrast, settlement conferences are often a much more cost-effective option to going to court.

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