A Parent’s Guide to Mediation Manchester That Includes Children as Participants

It is common known that having a divorce and terminating a relationship that has existed for a significant amount of time are two of the most difficult experiences someone will ever have to go through. Mediation Manchester

You may be having a very difficult time coping; you may be experiencing tremendous feelings of anger and sorrow; you may find it difficult to make decisions even about day-to-day matters, much alone ones for the future.

However, what about your kid(s)? What provisions have been made for them? They may be your number one concern, and you may want to do all in your power to assist and safeguard them; nevertheless, what do they require? How can you be of the most assistance to them as they attempt to comprehend and accept the changes that have taken place in their family?

What kids say:

  • “I can’t tell anything to my mother because she is already unhappy enough, and I don’t want to make her upset any more than she already is,” I said.
  • “All I do is repeat what I believe they want me to say,” she said.
  • “I just want them to know how I feel, but I can’t tell them,” she said. “I can’t do it.” My mother and father will become agitated as a result of this.

How exactly does one get at the truth?

A kid may have the experience of being “caught in the middle” when they express their desires for the future to one of their parents but to the other parent they express something quite different.

What exactly is Child Inclusive Mediation Manchester (CIM) and how does it work?

In this part of the process, we meet privately with your kid (apart from the joint Mediation Manchester meetings you and your spouse attend) and discuss how things appear to them from their point of view. How are they coping with everything? If there was anything at all that they could change, what would it be? Are they satisfied with the way things are now set up?

Your child is under no need to attend this meeting, and anything is discussed during it will be kept strictly private. We put forth a lot of effort to provide a secure environment in which kids may feel comfortable expressing themselves. After that, we collaborate to choose the words that they wish to communicate to you through us. The next time you have a joint meeting, we will convey their precise remarks to you.

In most cases, your child will not be present during the Mediation Manchester meeting you attend. The information that kids may provide with you is for your benefit as their parents in making decisions about how to proceed.

How exactly would this benefit your children?

During the meeting, we do a lot more than simply ask your children what they think about the many things going on at home.

We make it a point to provide them with an adequate amount of knowledge that is suitable for their age range, and we provide a forum in which they may voice their opinions. Your kid will have an opportunity to express their thoughts in a setting where their thoughts will be heard, appreciated, and given serious consideration throughout the meeting.

Please contact us at the following phone,  03300100052, if you require any other information.

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