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If you are going through a divorce with your children present, it may be in everyone’s best interest for the mediator to have private conversations with the children one-on-one, away from you. Mediation in Salisbury

It may sound unusual, but it’s crucial for children to have a voice while their parents are splitting, and they don’t always feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings freely in front of one or both of their parents.

This is true even in the most loving and caring homes; a kid may worry that if they tell you the truth, they will disappoint you or that they are partially to blame for the choice of their parents to divorce or split.

You are providing us with the chance to learn what your child is thinking by giving them the opportunity to talk to a family mediator in an atmosphere that is both safe and helpful.

If there is an opportunity to use that to discover a better way to proceed – for instance, if it is helpful in deciding on housing arrangements for the kid in the future – then we will take advantage of that opportunity.

Questions posed to a kid by a mediator

There is a great deal of variation across instances in terms of the specific questions that mediators ask youngsters. The child’s age, the presence or absence of other siblings, and the quality of the connection between the child’s parents are all factors that might influence them.

In most cases, however, a mediator will sit down with the kid and have a conversation with them in a manner that is quite casual in order to attempt to put the youngster at ease and make it apparent that they are not in any kind of danger.

This talk can then transition to more practical considerations, such as where the kid wishes to reside in the future, as well as any personal problems they may have at this time.

As a consequence of this, a session of child Mediation Salisbury might bring to light issues that, in the absence of the Mediation Salisbury, could have gone unnoticed. Some examples include the following:

  • Everyday concerns such as altering one’s diet or skipping mealtimes might have a negative impact.
  • Stress in children occurs when the youngster has the perception that they are being pulled in opposite ways.
  • Concerns about the future, such as what will happen with anniversaries and the holidays.
  • Even if you have worked very hard to keep the news of your divorce a secret from your children, they are often more aware of what is going on than their parents realise, and having a conversation with them may give essential insight into how they are feeling during this time.

How does it help?

In the event that it would not be beneficial to do so, we would not involve children in the Mediation Salisbury process. By inquiring about how your kid is currently feeling and whether or not they have any concerns, you may be able to get insight into problems that are stopping you from making significant headway in the talks surrounding your divorce.

In the clearest examples of this, the kid may have specific ideas about where they wish to live as their primary abode in the future, which you may choose to honour to the greatest extent that is feasible.

Less directly, this might be a sign of a deeper anxiety in the child’s mind, such as how well they think one or both parents will manage with the separation.

We will always continue with care and ask the questions in a kind manner that we feel will assist the most before reporting back to you so that you can determine how to utilise that knowledge in a constructive way in the arrangements that you make going ahead for your kid or children.

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