How mediation Coventry is done and how it can help your situation


Family Mediation Service Coventry

The Family Mediation Process Coventry is a common concept, but what does it contain specifically? What is family mediation, and how can you benefit from it?

This blog will answer some of your queries about family mediation in Coventry.

What is family mediation?

Mediation Coventry is a way for facilitating consensus on tough and emotionally charged matters. It does not always have to be about family issues – arrangements for when your children visit each parent after you’ve divorced, for instance, or financial arrangements – but these are extremely difficult conversations to have, and mediation may be of great aid.

The mediator is completely objective and neutral. They do not belong to either of your “sides.” Their objective is to facilitate your conversation and help you to a mutually agreeable resolution. The mediator will not make decisions or impose requirements on your behalf.

My ex and I have no relationship whatsoever. Will family mediation prove advantageous?

It may be difficult to have these conversations at the best of times, let alone when the breakup of a relationship adds additional pressure. Too frequently, you are unable to prevent a conversation with your ex from degenerating into a yelling match, rendering it impossible to discuss matters logically or reach an agreement.

Here, Coventry mediation can be of great aid. Our family dispute mediators are great communicators and very skilled at dissolving stressful situations and setting the conditions for both sides to express themselves in a peaceful, non-threatening environment.

The Coventry mediation approach begins with a private, one-on-one meeting between the mediator and each of you, during which the mediator explains the protocol and inquires about your intended outcome. This meeting is known as the Mediation and Information Assessment Meeting, or MIAM.

If both parties agree that they wish to try to reach an agreement through Edinburgh mediation, the next stage will be mediation sessions, which will follow these discussions. Together with the two of you and the mediator, you will address the concerns, and the mediator will assist you in keeping your conversations focused on the issues that need to be handled — in the most courteous and quiet manner possible.

If you cannot be in the same room as your ex, one of our family mediation services Coventry is shuttle mediation. The mediator will “shuttle” between you and your former partner and transmit messages. Once you have identified areas of agreement, it may be easier to complete the conversation face-to-face; nevertheless, the mediator will never force you into this situation if it makes you feel uneasy.

Is family mediation only for spouses who are divorcing?

Occasionally, other individuals, such as grandparents or other extended family members, may fear losing touch with the children after their parents’ divorce. When parents are divorcing, it might be difficult for grandparents to have these conversations. In these circumstances, family mediation can be a good choice for other family members who wish to continue their involvement with the children.

Why not go immediately to court and let them decide?

The court should be the final resort. Before turning to the courts, you are expected to have exhausted all possible means of self-resolution. In most instances, a lawsuit cannot be filed until mediation or another kind of alternative conflict resolution has been attempted.

Additionally, the legal process is lengthy and arduous, extremely stressful for all parties involved, and can end up costing a considerable deal of money, especially if you must engage attorneys to prepare and present your case in court. Even if you disagree with or dislike the court’s findings and directions, you must comply with them. You will be far more likely to accept the choice since you will have played a much larger role in its formation.

What is the cost of mediation services?

We charge £99 per person for the MIAM meeting, and £150 per hour per person for mediation sessions. Typically, a mediated agreement can be reached in two or three sessions. Legal action, in comparison, can cost thousands of pounds and last for months or even years.

If you receive certain types of benefits or have a little income while working, you may be eligible for Legal Aid, which would cover the costs of your and your ex-MIAM spouse’s mediation, as well as the initial mediation session.


Mediation Coventry can be of tremendous aid when separating spouses must have difficult conversations about post-separation family arrangements. We can assist you in discussing important things, such as how you will stay in touch with your children, without turning to an argument or a shouting battle. We offer a family mediation service in the United Kingdom, and if it is more convenient, the full process can be completed online.

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