How Legally Binding Are Mediation Wigan Agreements?

The agreement to mediate is not legally binding in and of itself. If both of you agree, the agreements you’ve made can be formalised into a court order.

Why go through all of the trouble of family mediation Wigan if the results aren’t going to be legally binding?

In the United Kingdom, there is no bias in any type of family mediation Wigan. This means that if mediation fails and you end up in court, you are free to discuss issues, make an offer, and consider different options without being bound by law to any of those things discussed in Wigan mediation. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) can serve as official documentation of an agreement. As a result, you can either take your own legal counsel or hire a solicitor for a fixed-fee memorandum advice package to review the agreement you’ve reached.

We can formally bind any agreement that is reached through our mediation service or any other mediation Wigan service.

Only the family court has the authority to make a settlement agreement between a married couple legally enforceable. The only exception to this rule is if you have a separation agreement in place that calls for the court to enforce your financial agreement through Wigan mediation in the event of a divorce. Both of you will sign the agreement after it has been drafted by a lawyer. Confused? To be honest, we’re not too surprised. The field of family law is well-known for its complexities and ambiguities. Why? Because everyone’s family and circumstances are unique, and the law should account for that.

As a result, what steps can you take to give legal force to your mediation Wigan agreement?

Let’s take a look at the following options:


To make your parenting plan legally binding, you must obtain a child arrangement agreement from a court. In the order, you can specify when and where your children will spend the holidays, as well as other significant occasions like Christmas and New Year’s. Other uses include deciding where the children will attend school.

Children’s financial arrangements are governed by different sections of the law. Unless one of mediation Wigan exclusions relates to your particular instance, you must complete a C100 form and attend an MIAM to apply for a child arrangement order.

A parenting plan will be drawn up if you and your ex-spouse can agree on it in Wigan mediation.

Most parents are able to resolve their differences without going to court. When it comes to raising your children, a parenting plan can be a useful tool to help you and your partner work together. If the situation worsens, the parenting plan can be presented in court.

Only if it’s in the children’s best interests will a court agree to make your child custody arrangements legally binding. As your children mature and their wants and needs shift, the best parenting plans should be adaptable, too.

Child custody and visitation orders are usually set in stone so that they can be enforced.. In order to change the plan, parents must first go through Wigan mediation and then back to court. When it comes to enforcing an agreement, they can be invaluable to some families.

Consent can turn a parenting plan into a legally binding order for child custody arrangements. This service is available for a flat fee.


Only after a divorce decree nisi has been granted can you seek a financial consent order. Consent orders can only be obtained through a divorce or if you are not married to the other party.

Your financial agreement will be legally binding once the consent order is in place. When there are no pending payments between you and the other party, it can also serve as a fresh start.

A financial consent order, unlike a child custody agreement, is something you should consider when divorcing. Having a prenuptial agreement ensures that even after your divorce is final, you will not be vulnerable to a claim from your ex-spouse.

You’ll need a consent order from the pension companies if you’re going to enter into any sort of pension sharing agreement. A clean break, ongoing payments, and post-divorce property sales all necessitate the use of an attorney in the divorce process.

Deed of Separation or Agreement for Separation

If you’re married but don’t want to start the divorce process just yet, a solicitor can draught a deed of separation for you. In the event of a divorce, the court will be asked to approve your financial arrangements. Courts will accept this if you have independent legal advice, an open financial disclosure, and were not forced to sign.

It is possible to use a separation agreement between unmarried couples who are dividing up joint assets.

Separation agreements are typically less time-consuming than financial consent orders because you don’t have to go to court to get one. A clean break consent order gives you more security than an annulment if you are still married.

Does signing a Wigan mediation agreement mean that you can’t change your mind?

Many mediation agreements are not legally binding, so in most cases, you don’t need to sign them. In many cases, Wigan mediation agreement memorandums are checked by a lawyer prior to signing. Solicitors can provide reassurance that the terms of your agreement are reasonable and, if necessary, point out implications for capital gains that you may not have considered.

Nevertheless, if you reach a final Wigan mediation agreement, you must adhere to it. The goodwill between you will grow as a result of this. Sometimes, your agreement can be used in court and you may be asked why you’d like to change the terms of your agreement.


One way to help you and your family come to an agreement on child custody and/or financial arrangements is through the use of family Wigan mediation. The agreement can be made legally binding by consent once the agreement is reached.

An advantage of this strategy is that it saves you money over hiring a lawyer to represent your interests in court. The result can then be legally enforceable.

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