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Family Mediation Wakefield

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process where an independent, trained mediator helps family members communicate and reach agreements on a range of issues. These issues can include divorce, child custody, property division, financial matters, and other family disputes. Mediators help family members identify the issues, clarify their needs and interests, and develop options for resolving the conflict.

Family Mediation Service in Wakefield

Family Mediation Service is a leading provider of family mediation services in Wakefield. Our team of trained mediators has years of experience helping families resolve their disputes and find peace. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Divorce mediation
  • Child custody mediation
  • Property division mediation
  • Financial mediation
  • Grandparent mediation
  • Post-divorce mediation

Our mediators are trained to handle even the most complex family disputes, and we are committed to helping families find lasting solutions.


Advantages of Family Mediation

Family mediation is a private process, and everything discussed during mediation is confidential. This can be particularly important for families who want to keep their disputes out of the public eye.

Unlike traditional legal proceedings, family mediation puts the power in the hands of the family members. They get to decide how to resolve their disputes and what agreements to make.

Family mediation is often less expensive than traditional legal proceedings. It also takes less time, which can be particularly important for families who want to move on from their conflicts as quickly as possible.

Family mediation is a collaborative process where family members work together to find a solution. This can be much less stressful and emotionally taxing than traditional legal proceedings.

Family mediation can be particularly beneficial for children who are caught in the middle of a family conflict. Mediation can help parents develop a parenting plan that is in the best interests of their children.


Family conflicts can be overwhelming, but family mediation is an effective way to resolve them. If you are struggling with a family conflict in Wakefield, Family Mediation Service is here to help. Our team of experienced mediators can help you find peace and resolve your issues amicably. Contact us today to learn more.

Family Mediation Service