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Any divorce may be painful and emotional, but when there are small children involved, the stress can increase enormously.

Instead of merely being a discussion between two people, who are often still on pretty friendly terms, the scenario becomes a negotiation between three parties, which becomes considerably more complicated if you have more than one child.

Some separating spouses attempt to decrease this complexity by making choices on their children’s behalf regarding residency, visitation rights, etc., but this is not always the best strategy.

Research demonstrates over and over again that children experience divorce more badly when they are not involved and when they are denied the opportunity to voice their opinions on their future.

How might inclusive Mediation Salisbury benefit children?

Child-inclusive Mediation Salisbury is a terrific approach to negotiate challenging choices without disregarding the viewpoints of the affected children.

When divorcing spouses are unable to communicate amicably or have reached a stalemate on a specific subject, mediators are skilled at keeping discussions going ahead.

However, it is also a valuable talent when striving to reconcile the divergent perspectives of both separate parties and their children into an unified plan that can be implemented for a brighter future for all parties involved.

How does your kid feel?

It is difficult to tell how your child feels about your upcoming divorce until you ask them, and sometimes it is easier to speak candidly with a mediator than with a parent.

Some children react to their parents’ divorce by misbehaving at home, school, or both. Others may even be glad that their dissatisfied parents have made a positive step toward resolving a challenging family situation.

Importantly, if you do not involve your child in the process, you will not know exactly how they feel about the decisions you are making. However, child-inclusive Mediation Salisbury can ensure that you are aware while there is still time to modify their future living arrangements and time spent with each parent.

Divorce with adult offspring

Child-inclusive Mediation Salisbury can also involve older children, such as teens or adults who are still living at home or financially dependent on you.

Remember that your divorce is likely to have a significant impact on your living situation and finances, so even if it’s just a quick meeting with each adult child, mediators can ensure that everyone is comfortable with the process and understands what it means for you as their parents in the future

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