Just How Legally Binding Are Mediation Wigan Agreements?

Yes, mediation Wigan agreements are enforceable under the law.

A frequently asked question is “what is the point of family mediation Wigan if indeed the outcome isn’t really legally valid?”

In the UK, all family mediation is impartial. If mediation Wigan fails and you end up in court, you can freely discuss issues, make offers, and explore options without being legally bound to them. An agreement can be documented in a memorandum of understanding. This document records your agreement, which you can take to your own solicitors or instruct an attorney to check for a set price memorandum advice package.

If you want to make a legally binding agreement, we can help.

Only a family court can make a couple’s agreement legally binding. A separation agreement invites the judge to determine mediation Wigan your finance agreement if you later divorce. A solicitor draughts these, and you both sign them. Confused? Not a surprise. Family law is notoriously complex and ambiguous. Because every family and situation is unique, the law must be flexible.

Do you want your mediation Wigan agreement to be legally binding? Let’s look at the options:


Only a child arrangements order can legally bind your parenting plan. The order can include where your kids will stay and when, as well as holiday plans. It can also be used for particular issues like schooling.

Different laws cover child financial arrangements. Unless one of the mediation exemptions applies, you must complete a C100 form and attend an MIAM to obtain a child arrangements order.

A parenting plan will be drafted if you come to an agreement in mediation Wigan.

Most parents can come to an agreement without going to court. A parenting plan can help you and your partner plan how to raise your children. It can be used in court if things worsen.

A court would then only make your child custody order legally binding if it is in the children’s best interests. Remember that the best plans are adaptable to your children’s changing needs and desires.

Child custody orders are usually fixed to be enforced. As a result, parents must go to mediation Wigan and then court to change the plan. For some families, they help enforce the agreement reached.

By consent, you can turn your parenting plan into a binding legal child custody order. This service is fixed-price.


A finance permission request can only be obtained after a divorce decree nisi has been granted. You can’t get a consent order unless you’re divorced or single.

L’ordonnance de consentement binds your financial It may provide a complete exit when no ongoing payments are involved.

Unlike a child custody order, a financial agreement order should be considered in every divorce. It ensures financial security and protects you from future claims from your ex-spouse, even after your divorce is final.

Any pension sharing agreement will require a consent order from the pension corporations to produce a transfer. They are also required for a clean break agreement, ongoing payments, and selling a property after the divorce.


If you are married but do not want to divorce, a lawyer can draught a deed of separation. It asks the court to approve your financial plans if you later divorce. In this case, the court will accept it if both parties received independent legal advice and signed freely.

A separation arrangement can also be used by non-married couples who have joint assets to divide.

A separation agreement is quicker than an economic consent order because it does not require a court appearance. However, but if you’re still married, those who do not provide the same level of security.


Yes, and most mediation Wigan agreements are not legally binding. Many people take their mediation contract to a lawyer for a review. The solicitor may suggest things you hadn’t considered, such as the earned income repercussions of your agreement alternative dispute.

But once a final mediation Wigan agreement is reached, it should be followed. This builds goodwill between you. In some cases, the judge may ask why you want to change the agreement.


Family mediation Wigan can help you reach a deal on parenting and/or financial issues. Once agreed upon, you can make your arrangements legally enforceable by consent.

This method is far less expensive than hiring a lawyer and puts you in charge of the outcome. Thus, the outcome is legal.

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