Always consider mediation Walsall first before going to court.

Mediation Walsall as a First Step:

While all of these options have their advantages and are extremely beneficial when compared to the traditional route of battling it out in court until the bitter end, the message that is still missing is that, in the vast majority of cases, mediation Walsall should be the first port of call whenever there is a potential legal dispute to resolve. This logic applies to disputes between employees and employers, companies over contracts, neighbours, or separating/separated partners.

As well as saving money, mediation Walsall increases the chances of building bridges rather than tearing them down, which is important when there are children involved. The reduction in stress and the potential ripple effect that a high conflict separation causes friends and extended family members is why it is so important to consider mediation first, not last.

Mediation Walsall is the most cost-effective and amicable way to resolve all issues in a separation or divorce, including:

  • Discussing the relationship’s future options.
  • Making a financial deal.
  • Making plans for your kids.

What is Mediation Walsall?

A dispute or disagreement can be resolved amicably through mediation Walsall.

A mediator is an expert facilitator who works with all parties. The discussions are confidential and are meant to help the parties find a solution that meets their real interests and needs. It enables people to negotiate effectively and to understand, narrow, and resolve differences or disputes.

Parties decide on the outcome, the terms of any agreement, and how to proceed. Nothing said or done is legally binding unless both parties agree.

It can be used at any time, even if no formal proceedings are underway. Mediation Walsall is frequently used when no litigation is anticipated and no lawyers are involved.

Many families face difficulties. Life is full of conflict for a variety of reasons. Mediation Walsall can be helpful in any family situation where members are unable to resolve a problem or conflict, especially if they are unable to communicate effectively.

For example, separating, divorcing, dissolving a civil partnership, or raising children with an ex-partner may be difficult to manage all the practical arrangements. This is difficult if you are hurt, confused, or angry. Family mediators are trained to help separated parents or other family members deal constructively.

Mediation Walsall first not last!

While I am convinced that everyone involved in the legal system, from the government to solicitors, should do more to encourage people to mediate rather than litigate when divorcing, I have been meditating long enough to know that this is unlikely to happen soon.

Although it would be encouraging to see a change driven by society rather than mediators, we must accept that it is our role as mediators to ensure that the benefits of mediation Walsall are widely known.

“Anyone divorcing with assets to divide or children’s needs to consider should consult a mediator first!”

Mediation Walsall is particularly effective when there are significant assets (e.g. houses or pensions) or future needs (e.g. school fees or mortgages) to discuss. Most people believe that the more money involved in a dispute, the more important it is to fight your corner aggressively.

In reality, it’s often the opposite. In many ways, the more valuable the assets and the more polarised the parties’ positions, the more beneficial mediation can be. Clients who come to me after spending a lot of money on legal fees with little progress wish they had started mediation sooner.

Less than ideal marital assets will result in higher legal costs, just as water levels out.

In contrast, regardless of the size of the financial issues, mediation Walsall costs tend to be very similar. I frequently work with clients who could easily spend tens of thousands of pounds in contested legal proceedings but end up spending a fraction of that in mediation.

So, remember to consult a mediator first (not last) and contact me if you have questions about the mediation Walsall process!

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